Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Card Tissue Box ~ Recycling Made Fun!

Recycle your Christmas cards by using them to decorate tissue boxes for gift giving.  Nursing homes and other long term living facilities may not provide a softer tissue for residents. 

The square tissue boxes are easier to cover than the rectangle shaped one I have in the photo.  Simply cut the cards to fit each side and glue them on, allowing one side to completely dry at a time before gluing the next side.  A ruler, pencil and scissors will make the measuring and cutting easy for you. White tacky glue will provide a stronger hold than plain white school glue.

Cut the inside greeting of the card, and make a personalized gift tag for the special person you are giving it to.

These are very useful gifts for those who are shut in, in long term living facilities, or anyone on a very tight budget. 

Note:  Use greeting cards of any type to make special tissue boxes for other holidays, seasons, get well, and birthdays.  Buy tissues when they are on sale, especially when schools start up for new school years.  Tissues are typically sold at low prices during back-to-school sales.

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ladaisi said...

A lovely, crafty, inexpensive idea! Thank you!

- Lauren

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