Monday, December 15, 2014

Wooden Spool Christmas Ornament ~ Perforated Paper for Embroidery

I was gifted a bag full of wooden spools that belonged to my mother, and wanted to make something with them.  If you are lucky to have antique wooden spools (about 1 inch tall), this pattern is my favorite so far.  You can also purchase wooden spools at most craft stores, if you do not have antique wooden spools to use.

To make these, you will need to know how to sew yo-yo's using fabric and thread.

The book you will need is:

This is not a complete step-by-step blogpost.  It's a quick look at a recycling project the book contained (that caught my eye).  The art project recycles old wooden spools, and uses up scraps of fabric.  Check your library for this book, or if you have an inter-loan program, you might be able to order it from another library.

(A few of the patterns I completed)

Using the patterns in the book, embroider onto the perforated embroidery paper.  Cut the paper to fit the spool you are using.  This is a nice way to use up scraps of embroidery floss as well.

2.  Glue the embroidered paper to the spool and allow to dry.  I used a clear drying craft glue.

3. Using 1/16th inch trim and clear drying glue, attach pieces to top and bottom of spool (at the edge of the perforated paper)  for additional color.  This job was a bit on the difficult side.  The trim is stiff and I had to hold it for the glue to dry it in place.  If you have room for thin ribbon, it would be easier to glue in place than the trim.

4.  Make two yo-yo pieces using the scrap fabric, and thread.  I used a 2 3/8th inch round to make them to fit my wooden spools.  Before you cut the thread on each one, sew on a thin ribbon hanger on the top one, and a small bell at the bottom. 

You can also simply add a tassel, or glue a mini-clothespin to the bottom. 

Check out books at your local library or bookstore for so many more handmade Christmas ornament ideas.

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