Monday, December 15, 2008

Wine Cork Magnet

Items Needed:
-wine corks
-magnets (round or flat)
-glue, a strong glue like E6000 glue or similiar for a good hold
STEP 1: If you boil your corks, the original shape and color will return. You don't have to boil them long, so be careful and remove them from the heat once the water starts to boil. Let cool and dry.
STEP 2: Simply glue your magnet to your wine cork and let dry according to glue directions.
TIPS: This is a great party favor for guests attending a wine and cheese party or wine tasting party.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Lollipop Ornament

This cute ornament recycles a metal juice lid and a popsicle stick. The juice lid typically comes on the frozen cans of juice you buy at your local grocer. These ornaments make great gifts for ornament exchanges, party favors for guests, teacher gifts, neighbors, friends, and church teachers.
Items Needed:
-1 metal juice lid, washed and dried
-1 popsicle stick, washed and dried
-White and Pink acrylic paint
-Red paint pen/marker
-Black paint pen/marker
-1 round paint sponge, approximately 2 cm in diameter
-Piece of cellophane (recycle this from gift baskets you receive)
-Small piece of 1/4 wide holiday colored ribbon
-Small drill bit for hanger hole (a nail and hammer will also work)
-Needle and thin gold or silver thread
-Tacky glue
-Optional: Gloss Acrylic Spray
STEP 1: With your drill, drill a small hole at the top edge of the juice lid. You can also do this with a thin nail and hammer. Be sure to have a safe working surface before you do this.
STEP 2: Paint your lid with the white paint and let dry (front and back).
STEP 3: With your red paint pen, paint on the red, representing the peppermint stripes. Let dry.
STEP 4: Dip your round paint sponge into the pink paint, and paint on the pink cheeks. Paint a dab of white at the top of the circles. Let dry.
STEP 5: With the black paint pen, paint on eyes and a mouth as shown in the photo a the top of this scrap craft. Let dry.
STEP 6: Spray your lid, letting each side dry before turning, if you prefer to seal the paint with a glossy look. Let dry.
STEP 7: Glue your popsicle stick to the back of the lid and let dry.
STEP 8: Cover your lollipop with the cellophane piece and tie a ribbon just below the juice lid.
STEP 9: Thread your needle with the gold or silver string and run it through the cellophane, and through the hole at the top of the lid. Tie a knot in your string to secure the hanger.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Drink Pouch Straw Star Christmas Ornament

We recycled drink pouch straws to make this simple star. Kids can make these, they are so easy. This ornament was named by my 12 year old daughter. It's a tongue twister that's for sure.

Items Needed:
1- 1 1/2 inch round Styrofoam ball
2-drink pouch straws, washed and dried
Tacky Glue
Yarn or thread
Gold Glitter
Piece of thick Styrofoam used in packing

STEP 1: Push a tooth pick into the Styrofoam ball and paint glue on the ball with a paint brush (while holding it on the toothpick).

STEP 2: Sprinkle gold glitter over the ball until it's completely covered and let dry. Push end of toothpick in a piece of Styrofoam to hold it up to dry.

STEP 3: Cut 4 pieces of straw approximately 1 inch each, and 4 pieces 1 1/4 inches each.

STEP 4: Push the 4 larger straws into 4 sides as shown in the photo, with a dab of glue on the end that is pushed in.

STEP 5: Push the 4 smaller straws into the ball, in between the larger straws.

STEP 6: Tie a hanger on with yarn or thread. TIP: Before you push the top straw in, run a thread through it to make a hanger, then dab glue and push into the Styrofoam ball. Let dry.


Champagne Glass Christmas Ornament

Although Champagne is not served with a straw, this ornament recycles a drink pouch straw and packaging shreds or old Christmas icicles strands. I found plastic miniature champagne glasses and pearlized shreds at a local dollar store.

Items Needed:

-plastic miniature champagne glasses
-packaging shreds or Christmas icicles
-washed and dried drink pouch straws or coffee stir straws/sticks
-tacky glue
-thin string for hanger

STEP 1: Heat your versa-tool and melt a small hole in the top edge of the plastic glass to tie the hanger from.

STEP 2: Dab Tacky glue inside the glass, and press packaging shreds or icicles inside.

STEP 3: Cut a small piece of straw and dab glue on one end.

STEP 4: Place glued end of straw inside shreds and let dry.

STEP 5: Tie a string through the hole on the glass and hang on your Christmas tree.

Drink pouch straws are not recycable. Find creative ways to reuse your straws instead of throwing them in your garbage (which will head for the landfills).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recycled Milk Cap & 2-liter Cap Christmas Ornament

Items Needed:
-2 plastic gallon milk caps
-2 plastic 2-liter pop bottle caps
-Thread or thin string
-Tacky glue or E6000 glue
-Versa-tool, heating point
-Thin, long beading needle
-Recycled beads in various colors, shapes (with holes) from broken jewelry
-Silver/Gold Acrylic paints
-Paint Brush
-Scrap ribbon, rick rack, or material

STEP 1: With the heated point on a versa-tool, melt a center hole in all 4 plastic caps

STEP 2: With a layer of glue on the inside top edges of the milk caps, glue them together and let dry.

STEP 3: Paint milk caps gold, and paint pop bottle caps silver (or however you'd like). You will need 2-3 coats of paint. Let dry.

STEP 4: Glue bottom edges of pop bottle caps to each top side of (glued together) milk caps and let dry.

STEP 5: With your long, thin needle, run your thread through a bead or two, then all the way through the glued together milk caps, leaving strip at the top. You can also thread craft wire through the holes, bend a tiny circle at each end to hold all of it together.

STEP 6: At the bottom of the millk caps, thread on a few more beads, going in one hole on the last bead, out the other hole, then back up through every bead and cap you just threaded through, arriving back at the top.

STEP 7: Tie your thread into a knot for a hanger, or sew on a piece of scrap ribbon, material or string for a hanger.

OPTIONAL: Glue a scrap piece of ribbon, rick rack, or material around center of glued milk rings for an added look. You could also cut a strip of silver bag liner from a snack cracker box or other boxed item (you may need to use rubber cement for it to adhere better than with Tacky Glue). Use leftover ribbon from holiday packages from the year prior, sew on old buttons, or other small craft items. You can also use any water bottle lids, individual pop bottle lids.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to Make a Shaving Cream Cap and Bread Tie Christimas Ornament

Items Needed:
*1 plastic shaving cream cap
*1 white plastic bread tie
*Tacky glue
*Glitter or No hole glass beads
*Gold embroidery thread or other thin gold string
*Small white rick rack or leftover ribbon


Cut, from the edge opposite of the tie hole, making a "V" shape from the bread tie (as shown in above photo. Trim top edges creating a heart shape.


Place a thin layer of glue onto the heart and sprinkle with glitter or no hole glass beads (we used no hole glass beads). Let dry.


Place a thin layer of glue on the inside edges of the shaving cream cap, sprinkle with glitter or no hole glass beads. Let dry.

STEP 4: Place a dab of glue on the inside center of the shaving cream cap. Place the "heart" inside the cap and center it. Let dry.

STEP 5: Tie your embroidery thread, or other string into a tiny bow. Glue to the center top of your bread tie heart. It's best to let this dry before you continue.

STEP 6: Place a thin layer of glue around the outside edge of the cap, and wrap your rick rack (or other leftover ribbon) around and tie into a knot at the top of the cap. Leave about 3 -4 inches, and tie another knot with the rick rack, creating the ornament hanger.

TIPS: Place a circle of colored foil in the inside instead of glitter or beads. If you receive holiday cards, many times the inside of the envelope contains gold or silver foil.

This handmade, recycled Christmas tree ornament, makes a nice gift adornment, stocking stuffer, and is the perfect size for a smaller tree.

Merry Christmas and spread the Happiness with a handmade Christmas Tree Ornament!


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