Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sheet Music Jewelry

Create fun, and unique, pieces of jewelry using scrap pieces of sheet music.

Purchase jewelry pieces at your local craft supply store, and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

Items needed:
~jewelry pieces of your choice
~scrap sheet music
~decoupage and thin paint brush
~Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

1. Cut a piece of sheet music to fit inside your edged jewelry (these are found at most Hobby Lobby stores, and come in different varieties and sizes (including bracelets and rings).

2. Attach the paper to the jewelry with decoupage.  Allow to completely dry.

3. Follow the directions on the Mod Podge and fill the jewelry piece. Note:  Do not shake this.  If you do, you will have bubbles in your jewelry.

4. Leave undisturbed for at least 3 hours and follow the directions to completely dry your new jewelry.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playing Card Christmas Tree Ornaments

Playing cards can be re-purposed into whimsical Christmas Tree Ornaments.

We put a few together and made these:

You need:
1 pack of regular size playing cards
1 pack of mini playing cards
glue (E6000, decoupage or other strong glue)
1/8 inch hole punch
large jump rings
jewelry tools: pliers, cutters, etc.
scrap beads from other projects
jewelry pins
metal ornament hooks

Optional:  plastic gems in different colors 

 One version:  This is simply one playing card with a mini playing card glued to the backside, a hole punched and a ribbon added.  These also make fun bookmarks.

Another version:

1. To make these, glue two regular cards together, face side together.  Allow to dry.

 (This is what happened to the tacky glue when used on playing cards.  It just peeled off the cards)

Note:  I first used tacky glue.  However, when the cards dried, they pulled apart very easily.  This also happened with a glue stick.  I then tried E6000 glue and decoupage.  Both worked, but E6000 held better.

2. Glue a mini playing card to both sides, allowing each side to dry.

3. Punch a hole in opposite corners with the 1/8 inch hole punch.

4. Take two to three jewelry head pins, and add scrap beads, bending the end into a loop.  

5. Attach all beads to a jump ring and attach to the bottom punched hole in the card.

6. Add a metal ornament hook to the top hole.

Yet another version:

Embellish the cards with plastic/acrylic gems in different colors.  Here I used clear and red to embellish this Christmas Tree Ornament.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sheet Music Uses ~ Making Journals and More

Sheet music can be recycled and reused in many ways:

~shred it for filler paper
~make bookmarks 
~use it to wrap gifts
~decoupage empty teabag boxes
~background in framed photos
~decoupage or glue on notebook covers to create journals
~decoupage it to wooden bowls or boxes
~cut shapes for backgrounds for scrapbooks
~decoupage them onto light switch covers
~make Christmas ornaments 
~decoupage a lamp shade
~cover an empty tin can for a pencil holder, or other utensil holder
~make envelopes
~make gift tags
~homemade card making
~make Christmas garland using different shapes or decoupaging small plastic lids
~use strips to wrap homemade soap
~paper jewelry

Made by decoupaging sheet music, scrap ribbon, and using scrap #10 cotton crochet thread to crochet a music note and attach with glue.

Inside page is created by decoupaging a magazine page, a portion of sheet music, and applying a pocket by recycling a junk mail envelope.

Enjoy "SCRAP"ing!

Grocery Store Recipe Card Bookmark

My kids are always picking up those free recipes that grocery stores have.  

These recipe cards can be re-purposed into fun bookmarks, making simple gifts that even kids can make.

Embellish them with trim, sequins, glitter, stickers, or other items, punch a hole with a one-hole hole punch, and add string or ribbon.

Recipe cards can also be used to make handmade cards, gift tags and used in scrapbooking and journal making.

Cover them with clear contac paper and create fun cup coasters.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Journals ~ Using Maps

Use an old map (or unwanted map) to cover a composition notebook.  Trace your book over the map, and trim to fit.  Apply a layer of glue (or decoupage) and gently place trimmed map on top, leaving the binding to show.

Once this is dry, open the notebook and trim any edges.

Embellish your new journal with anything of your choice.  For this one, I layered two types of scrap trim and ribbon, and added recycled boarding passes.  

(Inside pocket, a portion of an old ticket jacket and a map bookmark made with cereal box card board)

Cover the back with a map also. 

Fill your journal with pocket pages.  For assistance with pocket pages, visit How to Create Your Own Art Journal

Tip:  Maps can also be used for book covers on school textbooks or reading books.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Map Magnets

Use small pieces of old maps to create fun magnets.  Simply purchase large clear luster gems (found at most Dollar Stores), magnets, decoupage and strong glue (E6000 is a great one for these).

Trace your gem onto the map, and cut it out.  

Apply a thin coat of decoupage on the bottom of your gem (one side is flat).

Attach your cut piece of map so that it shows through the gem as shown above. Allow it to dry.

Attach a magnet to the back with glue and allow to dry.

Tip:  Maps can also be used in place of gift wrapping paper.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Gift Tags and Bookmarks ~ Using Maps

My fun with recycling old maps didn't stop with making post cards.  The same craft book displays gift tags made with maps also.

You will need:
~cereal box cardboard or similar
~old maps
~pen or pencil
~glue stick
~ribbon or string 
~one hole, hole punch



For these, I used a canning lid to trace circles.  I cut 2 circles from the map - one for the backside and 1/2 of one for the front side.

Note:  You make these in all shapes and sizes.  Consider using cookie cutters or other templates for more creative gift tags.

To make bookmarks, simply cut a shape from your cereal box (any shape you prefer your bookmark to be).

Cut two pieces from the map, using the cut cardboard as a template.

Glue one piece of map to each side of the cardboard, trimming edges if needed.

Using a hole punch, punch a hole for a ribbon or string, if desired.


Bookmarks ~ make these and sneak them in suitcases or carry on baggage prior to someone's trip.  Give as gifts for any occasion.

Gift tags~These are fun to attach to a gift pertaining to travel, although they can be used for any gift.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recycled Map Post Cards

 Green Crafts
By Megan Friday
Printed in Mankato, Minnesota, USA

This book is written for ages 8 and up.  It's not only fun for kids, but for adults too.  

Although many of the crafts in this book have similar ideas found in other books, I found one that caught my attention - recycled map stationary.

This book shows how to make note cards, post cards and envelopes, using old maps.

I used an old post card to trace around and create myself a template.  I then traced and cut the same shape from an old map.  These post cards are about 4 1/4 x 6 inches.

I used the extreme Elmer's glue stick to attach my map to the outside of the cut cereal box, leaving the blank side for writing.

Using a ruler and sharpie marker, I measured the lines on my old post card, and added them to my new recycled post card.  The center line is approximately 7 cm from the right side.  I left a section at the bottom, that the postal service typically reserves for their use.  That area measures 3/4 inch high from the bottom, and 4 inches in from the right side.  The lines for writing the address are approximately 1 cm apart from each other.

Have fun and make a set for gifting.  Wrap them with scrap twine.  Keep extras for thank you notes or to just say hello.  Kids will have fun making these, and it may even encourage them to write more often.