Monday, August 15, 2011

Scrap Twine ~ Easy and Inexpensive Drawer Pulls

Make these fun, affordable, and useful drawer pulls with scrap twine.  Depending on the size of your original screw holes, you may not be able to use twine from straw bales (too thick).

Simple cut a piece, long enough to make a pull loop, and run both cut ends into the screw hole, from the outside of the drawer.  Have someone hold the loop, while you knot the two ends from the inside of the drawer.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reusing Cardboard Canning Jar Boxes

Cardboard canning jar boxes, the ones with a bottom and only sides, can be reused for so many things.  If you are canning this summer, and have to buy new jars, read over these ideas for reusing your boxes.

1. Decorate and use to hold library books

2. Keep a few by the door inside, and use to hold dirty garden shoes, mucking boots, and horse riding boots.

 3. Give one to your cat for a cozy cat bed.  Cats love cardboard.

4. Save them to hold food when transporting it in your vehicle or to school.

5. Use it for craft projects

6. Use one to gather produce from your garden.

7.  Give a few to your kids to play with.  They make fun fake computer screens.

8. Use them to organize any supplies in a room, garage, or garden shed.

9. Use one to store scrap printer paper.

10. Decorate them and use them to deliver gifts or food to someone in need, who is sick or simply someone you wish to gift. 

11. Tear it into strips and add it to your compost.

12. Recycle it at your local recycling center.