Monday, August 15, 2011

Scrap Twine ~ Easy and Inexpensive Drawer Pulls

Make these fun, affordable, and useful drawer pulls with scrap twine.  Depending on the size of your original screw holes, you may not be able to use twine from straw bales (too thick).

Simple cut a piece, long enough to make a pull loop, and run both cut ends into the screw hole, from the outside of the drawer.  Have someone hold the loop, while you knot the two ends from the inside of the drawer.



Anonymous said...

Yes, the star is a button too. It's cute tree ornament or light pull. Thanks for commenting.
Mel's Designs

Michelle Prindle said...
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Michelle Prindle said...

Hello Kristina, I'm enjoying your crafty projects...and I see you're also from Ohio! I'm in NE Ohio in Trumbull County and planning to do the farmgirl thing too. Whereabouts are you??