Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crocheted Wheel Cup Coaster ~ Ideas for Scrap Yarn

Use up your scrap yarn and make these niffy and useful cup coasters. You can find the free pattern on the Internet. They are called Wheel Coasters. These make nice additions to someone's cottage, cabin, den, sun room or other rooms. Consider them for teacher gifts, for your child's hope chest, or party favors for a Bible Study or other group.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Reuse Plastic Syrup Bottles

Once again, these plastic bottles may be manufactured with plastic that can be recycled. However, they can be reused for household and other uses if needed. Here are a few tips to help you reduce waste and reuse you plastic syrup bottles (wash and dry them first):

1. Fill them with water and let the kids have a "squirt gun" fight without buying squirt guns.
2. Use them to water plants.
3. Use them for cooking oil. When you buy a 2-3 liter bottle, fill an empty syrup bottle for easy use.


Friday, June 5, 2009

What can do with the styrofoam packaging that comes in sugar ice cream cone boxes?

Summer time usually influences who many ice cream cones we eat. If you are buying your sugar cones at the store and making them at home, your box may come with a styrofoam package like the one in the photo. Don't throw it out. If your recycling center does not accept this type of packaging, save it and reuse it in and around your home. It typically comes with a hinge at one end and opens at the other.

Ways to Reuse Sugar Ice Cream Cone Packaging:

1. Use it to store fragile or messy (glittered) Christmas ornaments.
2. Use is for packaging delicate or fragile items sent through the mail.
3. Use it for kids crafts. For example it would make a great crocodile or alligator mouth.
4. Use it to build a castle out of recycled items for kids.
5. Use the indented areas, when opened and cut at the hinge, to hold paints for painting projects.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reusing Metal Jar Lids with Candles

Instead of buying votive candle holders (which are know are not very expensive), save metal jar lids. Wash and dry them and use them for your smaller candles. Be sure to always use caution when burning candles.

Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Reuse 5 Quart Plastic Ice Cream and Sherbet Buckets

The next time you buy ice cream or sherbet in a plastic 5 quart bucket, consider reusing it if you cannot recycle the plastic. There are many ways to reuse it. Wash and dry your container and save it for:

1. Storing children's crayons.
2. Storing used coffee grounds and egg shells to transfer to your garden or compost pile.
3. Storing small craft items, ribbons, yarn scraps or button collections.
4. Take them to a u-pick farm to pick berries or other fruits and vegetables.
5. Use them to carry food from the garden.
6. Keep one in a family vehicle for emergencies (fill it with a small amount of cat litter).
7. Keep one on hand for someone who is sick.
8. Use them for cleaning projects.
9. Use them to carry food to feed farm animals.
10. Use them to store small children's toys.
11. Use them for camping trips.
12. Start plants in them.
13. Use one for kids to wash hands and face with for outside activities, such as Pioneer Day.
14. Keep them for snow castle and igloo making during winter (where snow is abundant).
15. Take one to the beach or lake for fun in the sand.