Friday, June 5, 2009

What can do with the styrofoam packaging that comes in sugar ice cream cone boxes?

Summer time usually influences who many ice cream cones we eat. If you are buying your sugar cones at the store and making them at home, your box may come with a styrofoam package like the one in the photo. Don't throw it out. If your recycling center does not accept this type of packaging, save it and reuse it in and around your home. It typically comes with a hinge at one end and opens at the other.

Ways to Reuse Sugar Ice Cream Cone Packaging:

1. Use it to store fragile or messy (glittered) Christmas ornaments.
2. Use is for packaging delicate or fragile items sent through the mail.
3. Use it for kids crafts. For example it would make a great crocodile or alligator mouth.
4. Use it to build a castle out of recycled items for kids.
5. Use the indented areas, when opened and cut at the hinge, to hold paints for painting projects.

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