Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gifting Homemade Granola ~ Recycled Glass Jar and Mason Jar Lids and Rims

Items Needed:
Glass jars washed and dried (we used organic mayo jars)
Scrap fabric - 2 colors
Embroidery floss, needle and scissors
Scrap burlap

Cut your fabric pieces so that a lighter color is smaller than your darker fabric.  Hand embroider "Homemade Granola" into the top fabric.

Embroider the top fabric to the darker fabric.  See *

Cut burlap to fit your jar.  Embroider your label to the burlap.

*It may also be easier to embroider the back piece onto the burlap first, then embroider on the top piece last using sewing pins.

Glue the finished piece to the jar.

Tip:  Remove the plastic lid, and replace it with a recycled Mason jar lid and rim.  

Tip:  Use the plastic jar lid (our lid fit any jar that fit a regular size canning lid) to use on other canning jars, for making jars of homemade lotions/salves, such as homemade neosporin, homemade "vick's" vapor rub, and homemade vasoline.

Fill your jar with homemade granola and gift.  Recipe can be located at my Pioneer Woman at Heart Blogspot.

You could also fill the jar with homemade hot cocoa and embroider "Homemade Hot Cocoa" for another gift idea.  Recipe for hot cocoa is located at my Pioneer Woman at Heart Blogspot.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sheet Music Christmas Tree Ornaments

Items needed:
Sheet music (we found some at the thrift store)
Paint brush
Wooden (flat, shaped like a ball ornament) wood pieces
Misc decor - trimmings for around edge, mini bows,etc.
Silver or Gold thread and needle
Glue of your choice

Note:  If you cannot find wooden ornament pieces, you could use recycled cardboard, or craft foam to create the backing.

Step 1:  Trace wooden piece on sheet music and cut out sheet music.

Step 2:  Using paintbrush, spread a very thin layer of decoupage onto wood piece and gently smooth sheet paper on top.  Allow to completely dry.

Step 3:  Using paintbrush, add a very thin layer of decoupage to the top of sheet music.  Allow to dry.

Step 4: Glue trimmings (optional) around ornament edge and allow to dry (we used waxed paper for a work surface).  A glue gun and glue stick works best for this step.

Step 5:  Add embellishments and allow to dry if glue is used.

Step 6:  Thread silver string and run through top hole of ornament, knot off and tie for a hanger.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments with Tassels

Items Needed:
Real wine corks
Drill and drill bit (small)
Work surface for drilling
Embroidery thread
Long needle
Needle threader
Tassels or homemade tassels 

Step 1:
Cut a 24 inch piece of embroidery floss and cut one tassel free from trim (or make your own tassel).  Thread needle and run floss through tassel.

Step 2:
Remove needle, then thread both ends of floss through needle and add beads of your choice.

Step 3:
Using drill and drill bit and safe work surface, drill through the center and down through the cork (I used pliers to hold the cork while drilling with the other hand).

Step 4:
Push threaded needle through the wine cork and add beads of your choice on the top.

Step 5: 
Tie a knot at the top of the last bead added.  Then cut the thread to desirable length and knot at top for the hanger.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Wine Cork Christmas Trees

Items Needed:
Wine corks
Large pot of water (see directions)
Dish towel
Serrated knife
Acrylic paints - red, green, silver, gold
Glitter - red, green, white, silver, gold, blue, pink
Scraps of Christmas pattern fabric
Tacky glue
E6000 glue (odorless, clear)
Stars or snowflakes for tree toppers
Sewing pins
Ink pen
Newspaper for a working surface, cutting board

Step 1:
Boil real wine corks (not plastic) in a pot of water until they resume original size. 

Step 2:  Place corks on a dish towel to completely dry.

Step 3:  Gather 10 corks, paint the ends of them, use glue and glitter on a few if preferred, and for some cut a circle of fabric and glue to the tops.  Use a pen to trace around the cork and cut out to glue to cork end.

Step 4:  Glue 4 together, 3 together and 2 together.  Allow to completely dry.

Step 5:  Glue previous glued corks by stacking them to create your tree.

Step 6:  Cut  one more cork in half and glue together as shown.  This is the base of the tree.  Allow to dry.  Cut scrap fabric to fit around base and allow to dry.

Step 8:  Glue tree to base and allow to dry.

Step 9:  Glue tree topper on, and use sewing pins, gently pressed into top cork, to hold item in place to allow glue to dry.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Canning Lid Christmas Ornament ~ Perfect for Personalized Ornaments

Items needed:
-old canning lid (no rim), washed and dried
-scrap fabric
-scrap ribbon or ribbon ornament hangers
-glue (we used Tacky clear glue to glue on fabric)
-acrylic paint color of your choice
-paint brush
-stickers or other canning jar embellishment
-spray can of clear coat
-optional: plastic jewels (crafting tweezers to handle them) and craft glue

We were lucky to find a package of 12 stickers at the local Dollar Tree for $1.  You can use any canning jar embellishment that fits in the center of the lid.  Most craft stores have a pretty good variety for you to choose from.
These are see-through, so a white paint was used.

How to make these:

1. Paint the inner flat area of the front of the canning lid.  You may need to use two coats of paint, depending on if you use primer first.  Allow to dry completely.

Optional:  Embellish the outer area of the front of the lid with plastic jewels/rhinestones, beads, or item of your choice.  Allow to dry.

2. Spray a clear coat over the front of the lid, using newspaper to cover your hanger to avoid it getting sprayed.

4. Trace lid onto back of scrap fabric and cut out, but slightly smaller than your trace line.

5. Glue your ribbon hanger onto back of canning lid.

6.  Glue your fabric circle onto back of canning lid, covering ribbon hanger.  Allow to dry.

Simply customize the ornament for the recipient.  You'll have lots of fun in the process.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Mini Crocheted Christmas Tree and Snowflake Earrings

The patterns are not mine, but with a small adjustment of yarn size and/or crochet hook, these earrings come out to the perfect size for the holidays, and use up small amounts of scrap crochet thread.

Items needed:
Cotton #10 crochet thread: red, green, and white
Crochet hook #7 (steel)
Needle to sew in ends
Fish hook earrings
jump rings
scrap beads - optional

To make the Christmas tree earrings, use this pattern:

Mini Crochet Christmas Tree Earrings Tutorial (YouTube tutorial)

Simply use the crochet thread and hook size, mentioned under "items needed" to make these the perfect size for earrings.  Add a gold bead at the top using craft glue, or by sewing one on.  Her tutorial shows how to attach the jump ring and earring wire.

To make the mini snowflake earrings, use this pattern:

Simple Snowflake (UK and USA directions)

Simply use the size of white cotton thread and crochet hook mentioned in "items needed" and again, the Christmas tree tutorial above gives instructions on placing the finished snowflakes onto ear wires.

Note:  You can also make them as they are instructed, using larger yarn and hooks, and use them to gift inside cards for lightweight ornaments, or use as applique to decorate gift tags, or other items. Use a #2 crochet hook and #10 crochet thread to make a bit larger of a snowflake and create cute garlands for small spaces (or Christmas Tree pattern).

Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to Make Easy Lavender Sachets

Make reusable lavender sachets easy and quickly, using scrap fabric and yarn.

Items Needed:
-Scraps of fabric
-Scraps of yarn or other string/ribbon
-Sewing Needle and thread
-measuring tape, or ruler

How to make them: