Monday, January 26, 2009

How to make a Valentine's Day Sun Catcher

This Valentine's Day Sun Catcher is made from a recycled Pringles Chip can lid. You can recycle any red tissue paper left over from Christmas also. If you have never used decoupage, here is a link to:

Decoupage for Beginners

-washed a dried plastic Pringles Chip Can Lid
-pink and red tissue paper scraps
-foam brush, small
-versa-tool to melt a hole for hanger
-small suction cup hanger

STEP 1: With the heated tip of your versa-tool, melt a tiny hole in the rim for the suction cup hanger to fit through. Let cool.

STEP 2: Cut your tissue paper scraps into small pieces.

STEP 3: Brush a thin coat of decoupage onto the inside of the plastic lid.

STEP 4: Lay your tissue paper on the decoupage, one at a time, covering each with a second thin coate of decoupage, carefully. Use the non-bristle end of your brush to gently push the tissue paper into the sides.

STEP 5: Let dry. Brush a second thin coat onto your tissue paper if needed. Let dry.

STEP 6: Insert your suction cup hook into the hole you made earlier and hang in a bright window.

TIPS: This is a fun craft that parents and children can work on together. You can also glue thin ribbon around the rim of the lid, tie in a knot, and tie again leaving a hanger for the sun catcher.



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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Making Painting Utensils with Recycled Wine Corks and Metal Bottle Caps

Recycle your wine corks, metal bottle caps, and even plastic screw top caps to create painting untensils for art and craft projects.

Use one end of a wine cork itself. Dip it in paint to make painted dots.

Glue a wine cork to the inside of a metal bottle cap, or on the outside to either paint scalloped circles or a different sized dot.

You can use this same technique by gluing other plastic bottle caps, milk caps, and jar lids to create fun art with painting.


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Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to Recycle Christmas Wrapping Paper

If you bake during the holidays, and use nuts in your recipes, save your nut containers and lids. After the holidays, collect and save Christmas wrap, bows, and ribbons. With these simple items you can reuse them into gift containers for cookies, candies and small gift items.


-empty nut can and lid (or similar) washed and dried

-leftover Christmas wrapping paper

-recycled ribbons and bows from Christmas gift giving

-ruler (optional)
-white glue, clear tape, or glue stick

STEP 1: Measure the width of the can you will be covering and cut a piece of recycled wrapping paper to fit around the can.

STEP 2: Glue the wrapping paper around the can and let dry. Clear tape or a glue stick can also be used.

STEP 3: Top the lid with a bow or ribbon with clear tape.

STEP 4: If you have recycled ribbons, wired ribbon, or rick rack, tie a piece around the can, just under the lid. You can easily tie on a gift tag made from recycled items such as a card or paper, to the top of the can.

STEP 5: Fill the can with recycled tissue paper for a gift, or line the can with waxed paper, or plastic bag for edible homemade gifts.

TIPS: Make several of these after the holidays and pack them in with your Christmas Decorations. Make a note in your planner or on your calendar that you have them and where they are stored. At the approach of the next holiday season you are already one step ahead for gift giving boxes, and you will feel better because you helped save the landfill from these items. Take one step further and ask your gift recipients to give the cans back and you will gladly fill them again with a homemade treat the following year. Recycle Christmas cards by cutting a circle from the front of the card, and gluing it or taping it to the top of the lid in place of a bow.