Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make a Chalkboard from a Clipboard

Chalkboard spray paint is fun for many projects.  I reused this clipboard, and made a sign for our Farmer's Market.

I simply used painter's tape to mark off the space I wanted painted.  Then I tore painter's take to make a interesting edge line.  After 24 hours, I removed the tape.  

(Embellished with playing cards cut to make a "fringe" that are simply placed under the clip, netting from a lemon bag tied, one vintage clip earring, and one handmade vintage pin)

These "clipboard" chalkboards can be fun for more than just signs.  Hang one in our house for keeping a shopping list, for writing notes to each other or for reminders.  Keep one in the garden shed or barn too.  You could use it for a welcome sign as well.  Use one to write inspirational messages on.

*Follow instructions on the blackboard spray paint can when you created your recycled, reused S.C.R.A.P. project. 

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Chicken Wire Scrap Art ~ Life-Like Fawn

 (here you can also see some of the other chicken wire art pieces)

Once again, one of my kids have created a piece of art that makes my jaw drop.  

I do not have step-by-step instructions, as she built this at school for her art class.

Yesterday, it was the Spring Arts Festival, and this adorable fawn not only won first place, but "Best of Show" for that category.

According to my daughter, her piece of art was created by shaping chicken wire, wrapping it with saran wrap, then paper mache, and paint.  

You never know what wonderful art you can create with simply using chicken wire.  Keep your scraps of chicken wire, and don't toss them out.   

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Create Artist Cards Using Playing Cards

(card on left is being created using sharpie markers)

These artist cards were painted (all but one that she was using sharpies on) by my 16 year-old daughter.  She used acrylic paints.  Her art class project was to take playing cards, and paint them into beautiful pieces of artwork.  

When you have playing cards that have missing cards, don't toss them in the trash.  Stash them away for art projects like these.

Tip:  Crochet a frame for these, and hang in small rooms, campers or other rooms for a lighter weight decoration.  Make a collage or frame them individually.  And of course, these make fun artist trading cards, if you participate in an exchange with other artists.

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