Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make a Chalkboard from a Clipboard

Chalkboard spray paint is fun for many projects.  I reused this clipboard, and made a sign for our Farmer's Market.

I simply used painter's tape to mark off the space I wanted painted.  Then I tore painter's take to make a interesting edge line.  After 24 hours, I removed the tape.  

(Embellished with playing cards cut to make a "fringe" that are simply placed under the clip, netting from a lemon bag tied, one vintage clip earring, and one handmade vintage pin)

These "clipboard" chalkboards can be fun for more than just signs.  Hang one in our house for keeping a shopping list, for writing notes to each other or for reminders.  Keep one in the garden shed or barn too.  You could use it for a welcome sign as well.  Use one to write inspirational messages on.

*Follow instructions on the blackboard spray paint can when you created your recycled, reused S.C.R.A.P. project. 

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Kelly Oneal said...

I love all your ideas for chalk board paint. I painted one out of a vintage TV dinner tray. Going to try your clip board idea now too.