Monday, May 20, 2013

Chicken Wire Scrap Art ~ Life-Like Fawn

 (here you can also see some of the other chicken wire art pieces)

Once again, one of my kids have created a piece of art that makes my jaw drop.  

I do not have step-by-step instructions, as she built this at school for her art class.

Yesterday, it was the Spring Arts Festival, and this adorable fawn not only won first place, but "Best of Show" for that category.

According to my daughter, her piece of art was created by shaping chicken wire, wrapping it with saran wrap, then paper mache, and paint.  

You never know what wonderful art you can create with simply using chicken wire.  Keep your scraps of chicken wire, and don't toss them out.   


so not that girl said...

How wonderful! I can't tell how big it is but I bet it's lovely in person.
How lucky you are to have an art program with creative teachers. It's a rare thing these days.
Maybe a mini zoo during the summer?

Amelia Clark said...

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