Sunday, March 22, 2009

Make your Own Note Cards with Board Game Cards

Make your own note cards with board game cards. Board games don't last forever, and the pieces are often lost or broken, preventing the game from being played correctly. Don't throw the cards out. Use them to make cute note cards for any occasion.

-card stock (various colors)
-decoupage medium
-foam brush
-board game cards
-scissors or paper cutter
-bone folder tool, optional
-envelopes 4 1/2 by 6 inch envelopes (you can purchase these in most retail and office supply stores)

STEP 1: Cut your card stock in half, width-wise.

STEP 2: Fold each cut piece in half, creating your note cards.

STEP 3: Using a bone folder took, press along the crease of the card to smooth it.

STEP 4: Apply a thin, even coat of decoupage onto the back of the board game card, and place in the center of the card front. Press it down and smooth out wrinkles if necessary. Let dry. To help the board game card seal flat as it's drying, insert it under a few books over night.

TIPS: You can use white glue or other similar adhesive to apply your game card. Use them for thank you notes, get well cards, bereavement cards or send them just to say hello to someone. Use them for invitations. Make a set of note cards, tie a leftover ribbon scrap around the cards and give as a gift.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Ways to Recycle and Reuse Shower Curtain Liners and Shower Curtains

If, for some reason you are replacing or taking down a shower curtain liner, don't throw it in the garbage.

1. Use it to cover a flat surface for finger painting projects.
2. Use it as a drop cloth for painting rooms.
3. Use it to line the ground under a small tent.
4. Use it to line a table for messy craft projects.
5. Place one under a sleeping bag on the floor or sofa when a child is sick.
6. Place one under a bed sheet when a child is sick to protect the mattress.
7. Take one along to cover picnic benches for camping and park visits.
8. Use one to make a "shower" Halloween Costume.
9. Cut one into small pieces to line under plant pots.
10. Use one to place under a small outdoor pool.

For Shower Curtains:
1. Use in place of a closet door.  Many older farm houses, don't have closet doors on the upstairs closets.  Simply use a curtain rod (tension rod), curtain hooks and a reused shower curtain.

Decoupaged Glass Jar with Dum Dum Sucker Wrappers

It's easy! Apply the sucker wrappers with a layer of decoupage and let dry!


1.Give as an inexpensive candy treat and fill it with Dum Dum suckers.
2.Use to store your suckers.
3.Use as a gift "box" to give a small gift in (keep the lid), and the recipient can reuse it for a jar or flower vase.
4.Use as a flower vase.
5.Give someone flowers in it and they can reuse it.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Make Your Own Dry Seasoning Mixes ~ Recycled Glass Jar

Save money and make your own dry seasonings. Simply double or triple or recipes and store in a recycled (washed and dried) glass food jar. The jar above was a jelly jar. Simple add a handmade label with instructions. You can simply cut a circle of card stock or white label and create a label for the lid also. These make wonderful, useful, and inexpensive gifts. There are several types of dry seasoning mixes you can make. Visit your library for cookbook recipes or search the Internet.

Cookbook Suggestion:

"Make-a-mix : over 300 easy recipes for every meal of the day / Karine Eliason, Nevada Harward & Madeline Westover."

Piano Made From Recycled Materials ~ School Project

It's wonderful to see school's suggesting that student projects be constructed from recycled materials. Parents and students save so much money by doing this, and help save the landfills from filling up.

This piano was constructed by a 12 year-old Middle school student. She used a cardboard food box, recycled paper folded for the keyboard base, unused manicure stickers and ink for the piano keys, and recycled wine corks for the legs. She simply painted it black, and attached the stickers to the keyboard.

It's amazing what kids can do with a little encouragement from schools and parents. This finished school project can be saved or recycled to younger children for doll house furniture.