Friday, March 20, 2009

Ways to Recycle and Reuse Shower Curtain Liners and Shower Curtains

If, for some reason you are replacing or taking down a shower curtain liner, don't throw it in the garbage.

1. Use it to cover a flat surface for finger painting projects.
2. Use it as a drop cloth for painting rooms.
3. Use it to line the ground under a small tent.
4. Use it to line a table for messy craft projects.
5. Place one under a sleeping bag on the floor or sofa when a child is sick.
6. Place one under a bed sheet when a child is sick to protect the mattress.
7. Take one along to cover picnic benches for camping and park visits.
8. Use one to make a "shower" Halloween Costume.
9. Cut one into small pieces to line under plant pots.
10. Use one to place under a small outdoor pool.

For Shower Curtains:
1. Use in place of a closet door.  Many older farm houses, don't have closet doors on the upstairs closets.  Simply use a curtain rod (tension rod), curtain hooks and a reused shower curtain.

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