Thursday, November 3, 2011

Plastic Peanut Butter Jar Lids

Peanut butter jars often come with either a metal or plastic lid.  Ideally, most people will recycle the plastic or glass jar that it comes in.  However, what do you do with the plastic lids?

Here are a few ideas to reuse those plastic lids that most recycling centers will not take.

1. Use at a soda can top, when enjoying your drink outdoors.  It keeps the bees and other unwanted pests out of your beverage.

2. Make a cup coaster. Line the inside, and the top of the lid, with a layer of felt or recycled material (flannel pajamas).  This helps absorb the condensation and by covering the top of the lid, it keeps the cup coaster from sliding on surfaces.

3. Use them for homemade Christmas ornaments.  Use a versa-tool to melt a hold in the rim to tie on a hanger.  Fill the inside with whatever you feel inspired by, and create a fun ornament.  Wrap recycled ribbon, or scrap ribbon around the outside for more decoration.

4.  Keep one by a sink to hold jewelery when needed.

5. Use them to hold office supplies, such as rubber bands or paper clips.

6. Make one into a picture frame, by cutting a photo to fit the inner circle, glue a magnet to the backside and allow to dry.  

7. Use them to hold beads or other small craft supplies while working on a project.

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