Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playing Card Christmas Tree Ornaments

Playing cards can be re-purposed into whimsical Christmas Tree Ornaments.

We put a few together and made these:

You need:
1 pack of regular size playing cards
1 pack of mini playing cards
glue (E6000, decoupage or other strong glue)
1/8 inch hole punch
large jump rings
jewelry tools: pliers, cutters, etc.
scrap beads from other projects
jewelry pins
metal ornament hooks

Optional:  plastic gems in different colors 

 One version:  This is simply one playing card with a mini playing card glued to the backside, a hole punched and a ribbon added.  These also make fun bookmarks.

Another version:

1. To make these, glue two regular cards together, face side together.  Allow to dry.

 (This is what happened to the tacky glue when used on playing cards.  It just peeled off the cards)

Note:  I first used tacky glue.  However, when the cards dried, they pulled apart very easily.  This also happened with a glue stick.  I then tried E6000 glue and decoupage.  Both worked, but E6000 held better.

2. Glue a mini playing card to both sides, allowing each side to dry.

3. Punch a hole in opposite corners with the 1/8 inch hole punch.

4. Take two to three jewelry head pins, and add scrap beads, bending the end into a loop.  

5. Attach all beads to a jump ring and attach to the bottom punched hole in the card.

6. Add a metal ornament hook to the top hole.

Yet another version:

Embellish the cards with plastic/acrylic gems in different colors.  Here I used clear and red to embellish this Christmas Tree Ornament.


Karrieann said...

Interesting idea I must say. This does give me some ideas and your tips on the type of adhesive is VERY helpful! Thank you!

Serena said...

Just wondering if gel medium would work in gluing the cards together?