Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Lollipop Ornament

This cute ornament recycles a metal juice lid and a popsicle stick. The juice lid typically comes on the frozen cans of juice you buy at your local grocer. These ornaments make great gifts for ornament exchanges, party favors for guests, teacher gifts, neighbors, friends, and church teachers.
Items Needed:
-1 metal juice lid, washed and dried
-1 popsicle stick, washed and dried
-White and Pink acrylic paint
-Red paint pen/marker
-Black paint pen/marker
-1 round paint sponge, approximately 2 cm in diameter
-Piece of cellophane (recycle this from gift baskets you receive)
-Small piece of 1/4 wide holiday colored ribbon
-Small drill bit for hanger hole (a nail and hammer will also work)
-Needle and thin gold or silver thread
-Tacky glue
-Optional: Gloss Acrylic Spray
STEP 1: With your drill, drill a small hole at the top edge of the juice lid. You can also do this with a thin nail and hammer. Be sure to have a safe working surface before you do this.
STEP 2: Paint your lid with the white paint and let dry (front and back).
STEP 3: With your red paint pen, paint on the red, representing the peppermint stripes. Let dry.
STEP 4: Dip your round paint sponge into the pink paint, and paint on the pink cheeks. Paint a dab of white at the top of the circles. Let dry.
STEP 5: With the black paint pen, paint on eyes and a mouth as shown in the photo a the top of this scrap craft. Let dry.
STEP 6: Spray your lid, letting each side dry before turning, if you prefer to seal the paint with a glossy look. Let dry.
STEP 7: Glue your popsicle stick to the back of the lid and let dry.
STEP 8: Cover your lollipop with the cellophane piece and tie a ribbon just below the juice lid.
STEP 9: Thread your needle with the gold or silver string and run it through the cellophane, and through the hole at the top of the lid. Tie a knot in your string to secure the hanger.


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