Friday, December 5, 2008

Champagne Glass Christmas Ornament

Although Champagne is not served with a straw, this ornament recycles a drink pouch straw and packaging shreds or old Christmas icicles strands. I found plastic miniature champagne glasses and pearlized shreds at a local dollar store.

Items Needed:

-plastic miniature champagne glasses
-packaging shreds or Christmas icicles
-washed and dried drink pouch straws or coffee stir straws/sticks
-tacky glue
-thin string for hanger

STEP 1: Heat your versa-tool and melt a small hole in the top edge of the plastic glass to tie the hanger from.

STEP 2: Dab Tacky glue inside the glass, and press packaging shreds or icicles inside.

STEP 3: Cut a small piece of straw and dab glue on one end.

STEP 4: Place glued end of straw inside shreds and let dry.

STEP 5: Tie a string through the hole on the glass and hang on your Christmas tree.

Drink pouch straws are not recycable. Find creative ways to reuse your straws instead of throwing them in your garbage (which will head for the landfills).

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