Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to Make a Shaving Cream Cap and Bread Tie Christimas Ornament

Items Needed:
*1 plastic shaving cream cap
*1 white plastic bread tie
*Tacky glue
*Glitter or No hole glass beads
*Gold embroidery thread or other thin gold string
*Small white rick rack or leftover ribbon


Cut, from the edge opposite of the tie hole, making a "V" shape from the bread tie (as shown in above photo. Trim top edges creating a heart shape.


Place a thin layer of glue onto the heart and sprinkle with glitter or no hole glass beads (we used no hole glass beads). Let dry.


Place a thin layer of glue on the inside edges of the shaving cream cap, sprinkle with glitter or no hole glass beads. Let dry.

STEP 4: Place a dab of glue on the inside center of the shaving cream cap. Place the "heart" inside the cap and center it. Let dry.

STEP 5: Tie your embroidery thread, or other string into a tiny bow. Glue to the center top of your bread tie heart. It's best to let this dry before you continue.

STEP 6: Place a thin layer of glue around the outside edge of the cap, and wrap your rick rack (or other leftover ribbon) around and tie into a knot at the top of the cap. Leave about 3 -4 inches, and tie another knot with the rick rack, creating the ornament hanger.

TIPS: Place a circle of colored foil in the inside instead of glitter or beads. If you receive holiday cards, many times the inside of the envelope contains gold or silver foil.

This handmade, recycled Christmas tree ornament, makes a nice gift adornment, stocking stuffer, and is the perfect size for a smaller tree.

Merry Christmas and spread the Happiness with a handmade Christmas Tree Ornament!

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