Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Card Cup Coasters

These are simple to make and are perfect handmade gift ideas for kids to make too.  Simply purchase a roll of clear, transparent contac paper, have some leftover Christmas cards and scissors.  You may also want to use items in your home to trace around to cut different shapes, or use large cookie cutters.

Give these as gifts to parents, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, teachers, neighbors, friends and others. 

The size and weight of this gift make it perfect to mail it to someone special.

Note:  Write a special note or saying on the backside before applying the contac paper. 

Trace a stencil, or item over the top of the Christmas card.  Squares are very easy for kids to cut.

Once you have your shape cut out, cut 2 pieces of contac paper.  This is simple to do.  Don't worry about edges, but cut the paper about an inch larger than the shape you cut out of your card.  The contac paper will have a peel-off paper to help measure and cut.

Take one of your cut pieces of contac paper, and peel of the paper.  Lay it sticky side up and gently place the cut out card in the center.

Peel the paper from the second piece of contac paper, and carefully press it down, sticky side down, on the top of the card.  Press out any air bubbles and run your fingers around the edges to seal it shut.  Take your scissors and trim away the extra sides, but be sure to leave a small edging (see below).

Do not throw out your leftover pieces of Christmas card just yet.  Cut portions into future gift tags or bookmarks.

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