Wednesday, December 29, 2010

15 More Ways to Recycle Christmas Cards

Recycle and Reuse Christmas Cards

1.  Paper Weights
Glue cut pieces of cards to the bottom of paper weights for gifts or home use.

2. Glass Magnets
Glue smaller cut pieces to the bottoms of round glass pieces you typically fill flower vases with.  These can be purchased at most dollar stores.

3. CD Case Covers
Cut portions of Christmas cards to create CD case covers for gift giving.

4.  Book Plates
Cut small portions of Christmas cards and attach them to the inside of your books for a handmade book plate.  Cover it with a piece of clear contac paper or attach it with white glue.

5. Lunch Notes
Cut Christmas cards into small portions and write notes to kids and family members.  Insert them secretly into their packed luches for work or school.
6. Scrap booking
Cut portions of Christmas cards to decorate scrap books of all kinds.

I have mentioned this in many posts.  You can cut Christmas cards into several fun bookmarks. Add stickers or other embellishments that will not harm your books.

8. DVD Case Covers
Give a DVD with family movies or a CD with family photos as a gift.  Cut the Christmas card to make a fun Christmas DVD (or CD) Case Cover.

9. Business Cards
Cut Christmas cards into hand written, seasonal business cards.

10.  Prayer Cards
Cut Christmas cards into the size of business cards, and hand write quick prayers on the back.  Write out several and give them as gift sets.  Make a folded box out of a larger card to store them. Use the on-line pattern for a handmade wallet to make your box to hold them (use for business cards and Bible verses also).
Handmade Wallet

11. Bible Verse Cards
Use directions in idea #10, but write out your favorite Bible verses.  Punch them all in the top corner with a one-hole hand punch and hold them together with scrap twine, ribbon, or recycled key ring.  Gift as gifts also.

12.  Thank You Notes
Simply cut the front of a Christmas card to fit your mailing envelope, and write a thank you note on the backside.  If the measurements are permitted for the postal system, mail it as a postcard.

13.  Repurpose a Clementine Wooden Box
Glue cut Christmas cards to the inside bottom of a wooden Clementine box.  Allow them to dry, and seal with a coat of decoupage.  Use as a gift or storage box.  Note:  Before you glue the cards into the inside, embellish the box with paints, glitter, rick rack, sequins or other items you may have.

14. New or Used Food Tray
With the directions in idea #13, cover the inside bottom of a food tray with cut Christmas cards.  Attach them with white glue and allow to dry.  Give as gifts or use at home or work.  Old food trays may sometimes be found at local thrift stores, or new ones at hobby and craft stores.

15. Love Notes
Cut Christmas cards into the size of business cards.  On the backside, write love notes to your spouse.  Place them around the house, in vehicles, in lunches or on bed pillows.  Reuse these over and over.  Cover a few with contac paper (clear, transparent) and place in showers for added fun (attach to the wall with poster putty).

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