Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Canning Jar Topper ~ Christmas Cards

Make these easy canning toppers for gift giving by recycling your Christmas cards each year.
Note:  These can also be glued to lids on recycled glass jars from other items.

Simply trace your canning lid around the edge, while holding it to the top of a Christmas card cover.  Cut it out.
Save your leftovers.

To use, simply place the cut circle on top of the canning jar lid, then screw your canning jar rim back on, on top of the cut out card.

You can write a special note on the back of the cut out card.  You can also punch a hole with a one-hole punch, and add a note from the gift recipient to tie a piece of ribbon for a Christmas tree ornament (you could provide the ribbon or twine, by wrapping a piece around the lid also).

Take your leftover cards and cut out bookmarks or gift tags, reusing them again.  Or cut more Christmas tree ornaments from it (see below).

Recycle and Reuse!  Enjoy!

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