Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Card Lid Magnets / Ornaments

There is no limit to what you can do with leftover Christmas cards.  Save your plastic and metal lids and create Christmas ornaments or magnets.  Nursing home facilities and similar may have metal doors in which residents can use magnets to hang pretty pictures or letters on.  Here is one we made with a recycled milk jug lid. 
Begin this craft by tracing around the lid you have, onto a Christmas card.  Cut it out with scissors.

The cut out card should fit over the rim of the milk jug lid.  A blue lid would match this card better, but it is what we had at the moment.  You can use any lid, metal or plastic, and you can paste your card inside or outside the lid.  For the milk jug lid, we will paste it to the outside, with the top of the lid down and the open side up.  First, you will need to wrap one piece of coordinating chenille stem around the lid twice and twist to secure.  No glue needed.

Place a line of white tacky glue around the top rim of the lid, and gently press down your cut out Christmas card.  Allow this to dry completely.  Glue a magnet to the backside, which will be the flat side of the lid.  Allow it to dry completely. 

We will add more photos as we collect more metal and plastic lids.  These can have hangers added for Christmas tree ornaments or tied to gifts for an added touch. 

Note:  Use any type of greeting card to created another theme.

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The Rusty Teapot said...

Soooooo Sweeeeet I love this! for some reason collect the tops off bottles, and have often wondered what I could do with them. I really like this idea thank you for posting this!