Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Card and Recycled Plastic Lid Christmas Ornament

Recycle more than your Christmas cards this season.  Save those cool whip container lids and made these fun Christmas ornaments.

 Items you need:
~Christmas cards
~plastic lid (cool whip lid was used, but any size can be used)
~yarn to match colors on Christmas card being used
~lace trim
~crochet hook
~white glue
~craft knife or xacto knife

Step 1:

To make this Christmas card ornament, start with the plastic lid.  Cut the a ring with the outer rim with a 1/2 inch rim space around.  You can use your craft knife to cut out the inner middle (keep this for other crafts).

Step 2:
Trace the outside of the plastic lid, onto a large Christmas card, and cut out the card.  Set aside.

Step 3:
Crochet around the plastic ring, crocheting into the ring.  You can add a second row of crochet if you prefer. When you slip stitch to end, crochet a loop for a hanger if you prefer before fastening off.

Step 4:
Glue lace around top edge of cut Christmas card, gathering it often.  Add more glue on top of lace trim and place crocheted plastic ring on top.  Press gently and allow to dry.

Enjoy!  Recycling Made Fun!


Karrieann said...

..very cute! great idea!

ladaisi said...

I love this idea! There are so many round paper and lace and glitter ornaments coming out now - and they make me happy because they look so homey and heartfelt.

This looks like a great project to try with the kids too. . . I think I'll have to wait a couple years until my kiddo is five though.

Kristina said...

A lot of ideas I have are inspired by my late Grandmother who never threw anything out, and my kid's creative minds.

Julia said...

I added this project and thumbnail to our site and linked to you. We are looking for more Christmas project as well as other projects, so if you have any similar projects please feel free to let me know.

Naturally Me Creations said...

They look great, this is a really cute idea!
Yay for recycling! :)

Helen Picou said...

I plan to use this technique to make pictures of my grandchildren even cuter than they already are!

CJ said...

If I'm understanding this right you are cutting the outer rim off the lid and then cutting a 2nd circle to make one plastic ring.
Is this correct?

CJ said...

I understand you are cutting the outer rim off and then cutting another circle about 1/4 inches wide to make one circle. Because you wrote to keep the inter circle for another project.

Kristina said...

CJ, you can cut a slot with a sharp knife to press your crochet hook through (cut on a safe surface).

Kristina said...

CJ, another way is to use a single hole punch, and punch holes all around to crochet into, or simple use the punch to cut a slot all around the lid with. It just depends on how far apart you want the yarn crocheted into the lid.