Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gift Tags ~ Recycling Christmas Cards ~ Tree Ornaments

These are very easy to make, and you can reuse all of your Christmas cards you receive each year.
Items Needed:
-greeting cards
-pencil or pen
-cookie cutters or stencils
-scrap yarn, twine, string or ribbon
-one hole, hand punch

Step 1:  Trace a stencil or cookie cutter over your recycled card.  Cut it out with your scissors.  You can cut any shape you like, including simple squares, rectangles and circles.

Step 2:  Punch a hole anywhere on the cut out card, and tie on a scrap piece of twine, string, ribbon, or thin cut piece of fabric.

Step 3:  Write "To:" and "From:" onto the card for a gift tag, or write it on the back and the gift recipient can reuse the tag once again for a tree ornament.


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Karrieann said...

This is so an adorable idea! Thank you for sharing!!!