Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Tree ~ Recycling Old Jean's into Christmas ornaments

Recycle your old denim jeans into these cute, country Christmas Tree ornaments.
To make these you will need:
*old denim jeans
*red buttons
*red decorative ribbon or scrap ribbon
*sewing machine (or hand sew with needle and thread)
*batting or other recycled material to stuff the inside with
*straight pins

Step 1: 

With your scissors, cut two identical triangles from your jeans material/fabric.  This can be any size you prefer for your ornament.

Step 2: 
Sew three red buttons to the front of one of the cut triangles of denim as shown in the photo.

Step 3: 

Cut two pieces of ribbon.  One for a loop at each end or the ornament. Pin the two pieces of jeans together, right sides out and with ribbon between the top and bottom of each tree you sew.  Start sewing from one of the bottom corners and sew around, adding batting or other material to gently stuff the inside of the tree.  Continue sewing around until the entire ornament is sewed shut.

Note:  This photo is an older photo.  I made these ornaments over 2 years ago and just remembered them.  I gave them out as Christmas gifts.  The photo is not that great, but I will swap it out for a better one when I unpack my own ornament.  With 2 very active cats, along with an older one, we did not put all the ornaments on the tree this year.

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