Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Recycle Old Book Pages

Old book pages have many possibilities when it comes to crafting and art.  Newspaper may work for this as well.

Here are a few more ideas to share with you:

Now that you know you can recycle a Christmas card or gift card into templates, use those templates to cut shapes from old book pages.
Tip:  At the end of a book sale, many times they will put the remainder of books up for free.  Watch for those deals, and add them to your crafting supplies.

Embellish a mailing envelope with old book pages.  Create a template (use the link above to read that post), and cut shapes to glue to the envelope.  We used a thin layer of tacky glue for this one.

Glue shapes to the front of homemade cards, that you can make from cutting and folding cardstock.

Add small shapes to blank paper to create homemade writing paper too.

Create a set of matching paper, cards and envelopes, and gift them any time of year.

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