Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Organize with Fabric Scraps and Embroidery Hoops

I was busy cleaning my bathroom, and kept finding bobby pins here and there.  I decided to figure out a way to organize them, keep them handy, out of the drawers and off the counters.

These are not only easy to make, but fun to decorate with, and keep small items organized.

Here is how we made them:

I used two pieces of scrap fabric to make this.  I also used a small wooden embroidery hoop.  For the bottom "pocket" I simply folded a scrap of fabric, ironed the fold flat, and placed it on top of the background fabric.  I put the hoop top on, and tightened the fabric.  

You could glue this if desired, but I did not.   I wanted to be able to easily change the fabric color every once in a while.

I flipped this over, and carefully cut away the extra fabric.  Make sure your hoop is nice and tight before you do this step.

Simply either fill the pocket or gently slide the bobby pins onto the fold of the "pocket" fabric.  We put this hoop on the bathroom wall, over the sink and near the mirror.

While cleaning another room, I decided to make a larger hoop, and it holds my sunglasses.  It's hanging on the wall by the door to go outside.  It keeps them handy, out of the way, and just where I need to grab a pair.


EMMA said...

Love Love this idea!! my husband is always complaining about my hair pins littering the place.
And I think I'll make the sun glass one too just cause it's so funky looking (these would make great stocking fillers too!!!).

Kristina said...

Emma, glad you like them. I used a 4 inch hoop for the bobby pins, and it's working out nicely. I even added another pair of light weight safety glasses to the one holding sunglasses. That way I have a pair for yard work, in a handy spot.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love this idea, and just the other found a zippered pouch with several small hoops! I had picked them up for .99¢ at bargainland, stored them for later and FORGOT ABOUT THEM!
I might just make some of these. ;)

Kristina said...

Pat, my mother just cleaned house and gave me all of her plastic hoops, so I am re-purposing my old wooden ones. I too, got many from thrift stores.

liniecat said...

What a great idea lol

Kristina said...

Thanks liniecat. I really am enjoying them, because they keep me clutter free and organized.