Saturday, February 14, 2015

Easy Scrap Fabric Project

Glass jars can always be recycled at recycling center, but they can be repurposed for gift giving, home and craft storage, homemade beauty products and more.

Glass jars usually have metal lids, that can be spray painted.  I do suggest to spray a clear coat to seal the paint.  Those lids are much more attractive when they've been embellished with scrap fabric. The above lid is a baby food jar lid, spray painted in silver, then sealed with a matte clear coat.

To make these you need:

-jars with lids
-optional:  spray paint to paint the lid, and clear coat spray
-scrap fabric
-metal compass with pencil
-thin cardboard, or used Christmas or gift card
-paint brush
-safe work surface

I cut a template using a Christmas card (back), and a metal compass with pencil.  The compass is nice to use, especially if you have jars with different size lids.  

Cut out your template using scissors.

  Trace it onto the backside of scrap fabric.  Using scissors, cut the circle from the fabric.


Using a paint brush, paint a thin layer of decoupage onto the area of the lid you will be adding the fabric.  

Carefully, and gently, smooth the fabric over the decoupage.

Allow this to dry.

-add a thin strip of fabric to the edge of the lid, or for a background for a homemade label.
-you can decoupage fabric to plastic lids as well.


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