Thursday, January 29, 2015

Make Templates Using Christmas Cards and Gift Cards

Recycle unwanted Christmas cards, or any gift card, into crafting templates.

Use the front for other crafts (click on the label "Christmas Cards" for ideas), and use the back for the template.

Cards are typically strong enough for this use.

1.  We printed a template pattern from the internet, and cut the pattern from paper.   You can skip this step if you wish to use a stencil or hand draw your pattern.

2.  Place the paper over the back of of the card, and trace carefully.  Save the card saying for another use - bookmark, gift tag, or a tuck in for letter or other card.

3. Using scissors, cut the template from the card.

4.  Save your template.  Store them in plastic pocket pages (reinforced with thin scrap cardboard or cardstock), and place in a 3-ring binder.  When you decide you do not wish to keep them any longer, simply donate your entire binder to a school art teacher, a thrift store, day care, or preschool group. 

Update:  Here is a bookmark we created using the greeting from a card.  In the photo you can see the back portion rippled a bit.  That is because we experimented by attaching it with fusible web (for a more secure hold).  We do suggest you use glue to avoid the back piece from rippling.  

You can also simply leave the greeting as it is, or punch a hole for a ribbon or string.  We used a corner cutter to shape the corners nicely.  These are fun to gift by mailing them with a hand written letter or card.

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