Saturday, February 7, 2015

Simple Way to Re-Purpose Metal Vintage Coffee Filters

I recently gave my antique coffee pot collection a new use, but had the metal filters leftover.

One will now hold sticky notes and paperclips.

How did I make this?

Very simply, I turned the filter upside down.

I glued the top filter piece (flat and is the piece that is placed on top after coffee is added to the filter). to the very bottom.  I allowed it to dry.  We used a strong crafting glue, and these were washed and dried prior to adding the glue.

Entertaining?  Simply use one to hold teabags, sugar packets or other small condiments.

Use them to hold cotton balls and Q-tips in the bathroom, and wrapped candy on the counter or table top. 


Kim said...

Great ideas, thank you for sharing. I love to see items repurposed in someones home. It seems to make the home more "homey"

Kristina said...

Thanks Kim. We had fun creating these.