Thursday, February 5, 2015

Decorate Baskets with Scrap Fabric

Scrap fabric can be used to decorate flat surface baskets.  The baskets can be useful in home storage, decorating, and for gift giving. Place a potted plant inside for an added touch.

The above basket, is over ten years old, and it's still looking good.  Over the years it's been used for many different reasons, and still useful.

Items Needed:

-flat surface basket 
-flat head paint brush
-scrap fabric
optional:  Cardboard templates or stencils to cut fabric shapes

1. If your fabric, like the one shown on the above basket, does not have pictures of small items, simply cut shapes from the scrap fabric you have, and use those.  Cut enough shapes or pieces to decorate the entire basket.   For the top rim, I cut thin sections to go around the top portion.  I did the same for the section just below the middle of the basket as well.

2. Using the paint brush and decoupage, brush a thin layer to the basket (an area the size of the shape you are adhering).  Gently place the shape over the decoupage and press flat.  Allow to dry.  If desired, add a thin layer over the fabric to secure it better.

More ideas for your new baskets:
1. Bathroom/toiletries storage
2. Tote items to the porch to read or craft with
3. Magazine or book storage
4. Storage for hand writing letters/cards
5. Dog or cat toy storage
6. Small baskets work nicely to store washcloths 
7.  Storage for rags
8. Movies
9. Current bills
10. Snacks

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