Sunday, November 25, 2012

Popcisle Stick Ski Ornament

What you need:

~ 2 regular size popsicle sticks

~ 2 wooden toothpicks (round)

~ 2 snaps

~ thin silver string

~ thin string for hanger (we used gold)

~ red acrylic paint

~ paint brush

~ tacky glue

~ Glossy acrylic spray

~ Scrap styrofoam, or foam food tray

To make this:

1. Paint the popsicle sticks red.  Allow to dry completely.  You may need to use 2 coats of paint.  Paint toothpicks white.  

Tip:  Use a scrap piece of styrofoam, or foam food tray to press toothpicks into, to help dry the toothpicks easier.  Simply paint one end at a time, and use the foam to allow them to dry standing up.

2. Cross the popsicle sticks as shown in the photo, and glue them together.    Allow them to dry.

3. Tie small "handles" onto the tops of each toothpickTrim off extra.  Add a dab of glue to secure.  Again, pressing the opposite end into styrofoam, helps drying these easier.

4. Once the ski "handles" are dry, flip the toothpicks over and glue on one piece of the snap, allow to dry.  

5.  Glue a hanger to the back of the glued popsicle sticks.  We simply used a dab of tacky glue and allowed it to dry using very thin gold string from the jewelry section of the craft store.

6.   On the front of the popsicles, glue the toothpick ski sticks to the top, crossing them as shown.  Allow to dry.

7. Spray the entire ornament (excluding the hanger) with glossy acrylic spray.  Allow to dry, by hanging the ornament on a curtain rod or similar.

TIP:  I made these in royal blue paint, as a gift to a policeman.   Get creative, make them in all types of colors and designs.

Note:  This is another of our handmade ornaments that we just unpacked for the Christmas season.  This step-by-step lacks photos that take you through the exact steps.  Please post a comment if you have questions. 

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