Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cast Iron-Fried Egg Milk Cap Magnet

This is a fun magnet for the kitchen, camper or for your favorite cook. Kids can make this with the help of an adult.

What you need:
~plastic cap (from milk, juice, cider etc)
~tab from a beverage can
~black acyrlic paint
~white dimensional paint
~two pieces of yellow egg carton or foam food tray, punched out with a one-hole punch (two small circles)
~hot glue gun and glue stick

1. Glue the pop tab to the edge of the lid as shown above, and allow to dry.  A glue gun holds this in place better than tacky glue.

2. Paint the entire lid and tab black, allowing it to dry.  Turn over and repeat.  Paint a second coat if needed. 

3. Using dimensional paint (white), carefully create two "egg whites" as shown in the photo.  Before the paint dries, carefully place the yellow circle of foam into the centers of each "egg white."  Allow to dry.

4.  Turn over, and glue a magnet to the backside, and allow to dry.

Tip: Spray the magnet with matte acrylic spray to seal for a longer life of the magnet.


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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

i loved this magnet idea.