Friday, November 2, 2012

Granny Square Milk Ring Ornament

Plastic milk rings or rings from 1 gallon jugs (water, orange juice, etc.) can be re-purposed into Christmas Tree ornaments.  Maybe I should call this a "granny round" ornament.  These are fun to make, and use up scrap string, yarn or thread.

(Plastic lid and ring on a gallon jug from apple cider)

(Plastic ring that is underneath the lid on most jugs or plastic cartons.  Jugs can be recycled at most recycling centers, but the lids cannot be recycled)

What you need:
~Plastic ring from a gallon jug (milk, juice etc.)
~#10 cotton threads in various colors
~#3 steel crochet hook
~ribbon to coordinate for a hanger
~optional: sequins, glitter or small beads for sparkle    

I simply used cotton #10 crochet thread, and using a granny square pattern, crocheted around the ring in different colors.  

Attach thread to the milk ring by inserting your hook (I used a #3 hook, but use what's comfortable for you) into the ring, and ch 3, 2 dc, ch 1.  Repeat 3 dc, ch 1 around, slip stitch and fasten off at the end of each round to change color. These are nice with 3 rounds.  

End:  At the end of the third round, either fasten off to end and sew in ends, or add a row of sc.  After the slip stitch, do not fasten off, ch one and sc in same chain as joining, sc in every dc and ch 1 space around.  Join with a slip stitch and fasten off. 

Sock yarn may even be easier to crochet on the rings, but will make a larger ornament.

Make these with two or three rows, and even change the yarn color for the last row of sc if preferred.  I have posted a few variations for you to see. 

You can also crochet around plastic rings found on water bottles or other drink bottles.

Note:  These are perfect to frame photos as well.

     Tip:  You can either block these, stiffen them, or leave as they are.


liniecat said...

Not sure I know what plastic ring you mean? Any chance you might show a picture please of the ring before the lovely decoration?

Kristina said...

Sure. I'll get a photo soon. It's the plastic ring that is below the cap on a plastic jug.

Wendy said...

These rings would work well as photo frames for tiny photos of family members to hang on the Christmas tree. The photos are backed with felt or material which is sewn or glued to the back of the crochet.

Kristina said...

Wendy, that is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping in.