Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Organizing the Small Stuff ~ Reusing Plastic Pill Bottles

To organize your small, "stuff" simply wash and dry pill bottles of any size, removing the labels.

Organize your small sewing items, such as eyelets, snaps, eye and hooks, needles, etc.

Items you Need:

~pill bottles and lids
~1 inch round stickers/labels
~fine tip marker
~Optional:  recycled wooden clementine box

 (We found 1 inch round mailing seals at large department store, but any 1 inch round label will fit most pill bottle lids)

1. Using a fine tip marker, write on your labels before peeling them off the paper they come on.

2. Place the labels on the tops of the pill bottles.

3.  Fill your bottles with the items, matching the item with the lid and label

Optional:  Store these in a wooden recycled clementine box and label the box.

Other suggestions to store small stuff:

1. Extra office items - tacks, rubber bands, etc.
2. Extra mechanical pencil lead and/or erasers
3. Separate and store beads by color or size
4. Christmas ornament hooks
5. Toothpicks, when the box falls apart
6. Screws and other small hardware


Logan J. Skew said...

Thats a really nice blog, thanks for sharing

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Good idea. I've got lots of smalls that would go in some if I can just find my bottles.
PS-- looks like you got spammed...lots of that going around.