Monday, November 5, 2012

Luggage Tags ~ Recycling Old Denim Jeans and Vinyl Bags

Some of the best craft ideas are already in books.  For this craft project, we used the pattern for luggage tags, however we recycled vinyl from bags that curtains were packaged in.

(Made with recycled bed sheets, and hand stitched around using embroidery floss, an embroidery needle and thimble.  This is not too difficult, other than when you are stitching into the vinyl)

(Back side of the hand stitched tag)

Green Living Tip Use these for gift tags.  The recipient can re-use them to label boxes, diaper bags, tote bags, kid's school bags, as well as use them for luggage tags.

Print fun labels on recycled paper, or use your computer to create a whimsical ones.   

This recycled craft project is from this book:

 Gooseberry Patch Christmas
Book 14
Festive holiday recipes, gifts, and projects to make the season sparkle
ISBN: 13:978-0-8487-3661-3 (Hardcover)
                                           © 2012 

 Items Needed: 

-enlarged pattern included in the book
-cardboard to create a template (recycle a cereal or food box)
-scrap cotton fabric
-scrap denim from jeans or shorts
-new sew adhesive (we used Heat'n Bond Ultra Iron-On)
-pen or writing utensil for tracing
-iron and ironing board
-eyelet and tool to attach it
-vinyl or vinyl you can recycle from bedding/curtain packages
-sewing machine and thread (color of your choice)      

 You simply use your template to cut one piece of scrap cotton fabric, and one of recycled denim.  

Note: The original pattern in the book does not use no-sew adhesive.  We felt it was easier to handle the luggage tag, when sewing on it.

We also only enlarged the pattern, that is printed in the book, 50% more than it already was.  

 Iron the no-sew adhesive to the wrong side of of the cut denim piece, following the directions on the iron-on, no sew adhesive.  Allow it to cool, and peel off the paper.

 Place the cut cotton fabric on top of the side you in which you added the fusible web.  Iron the cotton piece on, using the directions on your iron-on adhesive.  Allow to cool.

With the eyelet, position it and trace around it.  Cut the circle out carefully, by using the tip of sharp scissors.  

Attach the eyelet using the directions on your package.  Eyelets can be purchased with a small attachment tool (you will need a hammer), that comes in side the package.  Check the sewing aisles at your craft stores for these. 

 Using your template, cut a piece of vinyl, per directions that are in the book.  

(We straight stitched the vinyl on, then used a zig-zag pattern all the way around)

Finally, sew around the entire luggage tag, and around the three sides of the vinyl piece.  We added our vinyl to the cotton side, versus the denim side.  You can use either side. 

I am using a very old Singer sewing machine.  One that does not have many varieties of stitching.  Mom would be proud that her sewing machine is still stitching as of today (if it works, we don't replace it - part of our family motto).

(Original pattern suggests to use ribbon for the tie on this)

 (Recycle the cardboard, that comes in the vinyl bag packaging, to insert into the newly made tag.)

Tip:  Recycle board game cards into cards for these tags

Note:  Embroidery on these would enhance them nicely.  You would want to add the embroidery at the very beginning, prior to using the fusible web (or sewing them together if using the exact pattern directions in the book). 


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

These are cute!
I wish my sewing machine was working right now.
You have the cutest crafts and recycle ideas!


The luggage Labels are wonderful. I will try making one. Take care now. Marion x