Monday, November 12, 2012

24 Uses for Wooden Clementine Boxes

1. Organize tools, garden tools, seeds, or other related items and store in a garage or shed.

2. Recycle a wooden clementine box for gift giving. using it as a reusable gift box.

3. Organize bathroom supplies underneath sinks, in cupboards.

4. Organize items in your utility room.

5. Organize crafting/sewing supplies.

6. Use them to hold current projects in progress.  Store the  project, and simply retrieve it when you have time to work.

7. Use one for your outgoing mail.

8. Organize your kitchen table or counter.  Use one for storing napkins or other convenience items in them.

9. Organize note paper and pen near a computer or land line phone.

10. Keep one on your night stand.  Fill it with items you use regularly (bookmarks, pen and paper, chapstick, eyeglass cleaning kit etc.)

11. Organize CD's or DVDs.

12. Organize your condiments, and store dry mix or drink mix packets in a clementine box.

13. Organize letter writing materials, such as stamps, envelopes and so forth.

14. Organize small reference books on a desk or computer area (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.)

15. Use one to store picnic utensils and condiments in.

16. Paint or decorate for holding potted plants, indoors or outdoors.

17. Designate a clementine box for library or movie returns.

18. Organize extra rolls of toilet paper, and place on the top of a toilet tank or nearby.

19. Organize television and stereo remote controls.

20. Remove staples and use for campfire kindling.

21. Use one for camping trips.  Use it to retrieve several small cooking supplies from camper/tent to table.  Store s'more's ingredients in one.

22. Mount one to the wall, with the bottom against the wall, and use it to decorate a room as small shelf.

23. Use one to organize the inside of a kitchen drawer (if height allows it).

24.  Use one as a small serving tray. 

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

You forgot...
Use it to ship Clementines from Spain. :)
I just little boxes like this. for all the reasons you mentioned. So versatile.
~ Pat