Monday, November 26, 2012

Snowman Spoon Ornament

Make ornaments from scrap spoons.  You can find spoons at very inexpensive prices at most thrift stores.

Simply bend the hand, so that it bends toward the back of the spoon.  Use pliers to gently bend the handle.

Sand the backside of the spoon and paint a snowman face.  Allow to dry.  You may want to spray this, at this time, with an acrylic spray sealer prior to the next steps.

Glue on a scarf using felt or other material, add arms using craft wire, add mittens using felt and buttons.  Add a hat using felt and glitter, or  other materials you may have.

Use a hot glue gun and glue stick to glue on your decorations.  Use a safe working surface.

I simply cut pieces myself, so I don't have templates to share, but wanted to share this fun ornament as we continue to unpack our Christmas tree ornaments.

TIP:  Make a variety of snowmen, by leaving off the hat, and adding chenille stems for ear muffs and add a pom pom to each side.    Make santa spoons using scrap fabric and white pom poms.


Jan said...

Cute stuff, thanks for sharing! Fun and useful ideas.

Tami said...

Very cute and creative. Thanks for sharing your idea.

Cranberry Morning said...

That's a very clever idea, and I know I've got some extra old spoons around here somewhere... :-)

Thanks so much for stopping in at Cranberry Morning.