Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Food Can Pencil Holder With Mini Bulletin Board ~

Recycle your food cans into useful household items, or for gift giving.  Many recycling centers will recycle your steel cans, but you can also reuse them at home, creating a new use.

Items you need to make this:
~empty food can, washed and dried
~roll of cork
~white tacky glue
~pen or pencil to mark measurements
~sharp scissors
~recycled rubber bands (you can save these from store produce)
~scrap wallpaper (you can use ribbon, scrap wrapping paper, a strip of a recycled calendar photo, or any other paper you wish to recycle)
~push pin tacs

I have taken an empty food can, washed it and dried it.  I then measured and cut two pieces from a roll of bulletin board cork.  You can find the rolls of cork in most stores, near the office supplies.  I found a roll in clearance and have used it for many crafts, and I still have some left.

The roll of cork is already conformed to a circular container, and glues to the can easily.  Apply a thin layer of white tacky glue and attach the cork.

Next, wrap recycled rubber bands around the can to hold the cork secure until the glue has completely dried.  I have applied 2 layers of cork.  If you wish to add a second layer (it is thin on the roll), simply re-measure around the first layer of cork, because the thickness around will change.  If you forget, and your second layer of cork is too short, simply cut a small piece and insert.  The cork dries nicely, and you really do not see any cut seams after they dry together.

Next, measure and cut a strip of scrap wallpaper (or paper of your choice), and attach it to the bottom portion of the cork with white tacky glue.  Again, wrap it with a recycled rubber band, until it is completely dry.

Remove all of the rubber bands after the glue has dried, and push a few tacs into the cork.  Use for yourself, or give as a gift to someone. 

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