Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gift Tags ~ Using Removed Paper Drink & Food Labels

When you are removing paper labels from jars, bottles and cans for recycling, keep the labels for craft projects.  You can use them to make creative gift tags, decoupage jars, cover the front of spiral or hard cover notebooks, scrapbooking, and many other crafts.

Here, I have removed mineral water labels.  These removed extremely easy by simply soaking the bottles in warm water with a bit of dish soap.  Not all glass and plastic bottle labels will remove this easy.

For these labels, I simply folded them in half, punched a hole in the back fold corner, with a hand held one-hole punch, and tied on a scrap piece of denim jeans.  You can use anything for your tie.  Recycle fabric scraps, twine, string, and even ribbons that came on any of your Christmas presents this last holiday.  Store your gift tags in a recycle container for continuous, year-long use.

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