Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recycling Thank You Notes ~ Canning Jar Toppers ~ Gift Tags

Now that the holidays are over, you may be receiving thank you notes in the mail.  Don't throw them out.  Recycle them into future thank you gifts, cards, bookmarks, and other crafts.

Trace a canning lid over the portion of the used thank you card.  Cut it out with scissors.

Canning jar lids come in different sizes, and you can trace any stencil or shape for gift tags (for thank you gifts).

For the canning jar topper, simply place the cut out card on top of the lid, and add the rim over it.  Attach to a canning jar for a thank you gift.  Canning jars can be filled with just about anything for gift giving.  Whether it's food, or a sewing starter kid, have fun with recycled thank you notes.

Gift Tags:  To make your recycled thank you gift tags, simply cut out a shape from the card's front, punch a one-hole punch in it, and attach a piece of recycled string, denim, fabric, twine, ribbon etc.  Attach it to any thank you gift.

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Trashmaster46 said...

This is brilliant. Thanks!