Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Framed Christmas Card Art

Recycle your Christmas cards into framed art.  You can make these as simple or as elegant as you like.  Simply use the front, or portions of the front, of a Christmas card.  Remove the glass from your frame and trace around it to cut your card easily, or use a ruler to measure the size you need.
I have taken the above Christmas card, and traced around the glass from the picture frame I have.  You can find very inexpensive picture frames, in all sizes and shapes, at most thrift stores. 

I simply replaced the glass into the frame, and place the Christmas card face down.  Replace any backing on the frame.

You can make this a simple, or add embellishments.  Other ideas:  Cut a portion of a card, smaller than the frame and place it on colored paper, recycled wallpaper or newsprint.  Add rick rack, ribbon, twine, buttons, sequins, glitter, beads or anything you desire.  Embellish the frame itself. 

These are inexpensive gifts to make for someone.  They are also fun to make to decorate your own home as well.  Use small frames to decorate bathroom sinks and counters, table tops, end stands and more.


1 comment:

ladaisi said...

Perfect for holiday decor.

I like to use my favorite christmas cards in my scrapbook. Makes the holiday photographs look festive.

- Lauren