Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recycle and Reuse Book Pages and Sheet Music

Many people start cleaning their houses after the holidays have ended.  I have too.  When you are left with books that are not in any condition to donate or sell or give away, consider crafting with them.  Sheet music can be decoupaged onto flat surfaces, creating a new item for home or gift use.  Here is a wooden basket I covered with sheet music from old music books (these are often found in thrift stores as well).

There are so many uses for your book pages.  Here are many ideas to get you started.

1. Line the bottoms of paperweights or glass garden pieces for paper weights and magnets.

 For magnets, trace a glass gem (found at thrift and dollar stores), cut the traced shape out with scissors, and attach it to the back of the glass piece with a thin layer of decoupage medium.  Apply a thin coat over the back of it, and allow it to dry.  Glue a magnet to the back with strong glue and allow to dry.

These are fun to make and are fun to give as gifts.  Give to avid readers, writers, teachers, journalists, and anyone you think will enjoy them.  Use sheet music for gift giving to musicians.  Make these up and keep for your child's hope chests.

2. Cover walls in place of wall paper.
3. Use to make bookmarks.
4.  Wrap gifts with it.
5. Decoupage flat surfaces, even spiral notebook covers.
6. Use in scrapbooks, handmade cards, and note cards.
7. Use for making creative handmade Christmas ornaments.
8. Use it for the backing behind a photo or decorate a photo frame.
9.  Decoupage wooden end tables or coffee table tops.
10.  Decorate wooden book shelves with these.

Happy Recycling!

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