Monday, January 1, 2018

DIY Reusable Cotton Pads

Scrap fabric and some recycled flannel can be quickly made into your very own cotton pads, also called cotton rounds.  These replace cotton balls when applying facial astringent.

Items Needed:

-scrap fabric (I used cotton blends)
-scrap flannel (I used recycled flannel bed sheets)
-template or cardboard to make a template
-thread and sewing needle (or sewing machine)

How to make them:

1. Make your template.  I have a template I made for cutting circles of fabric for yo-yo making, but you can easily use a cup, jar, or cut a template using recycled tissue box cardboard.  In the top photo, I used a jar lid to draw around, on recycled tissue box cardboard.  If you are interested in how I made the canning lid template, you can go "here" to read instructions.

2.  Trace your template on both fabrics. You will need one of each fabric to make one facial cotton pad.  Cut them out.

3.  Place one piece of flannel to the back of the cotton fabric and hand sew them together using the blanket stitch.  You can use your sewing machine as well.  Using google search, you can easily locate "how to" videos and instructions on basic sewing stitches.  The library is also a good source for locating books on learning how to sew.  

4. Place used pads into a hoisery bag (or mesh wash bag), wash and dry them with your laundry.  I hang dry mine.  You could also wash them inside a hand crocheted soap saver bag.

Note:  I do not recommend these for taking make off, but I do recommend cotton crocheted facial scrubbies.  

Tip:  Give a set to a like minded, eco-friendly person as a gift.
Tip:  Use this project to teach someone to sew and learn to be more eco-friendly (and save money).

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