Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to Make Easy Lavender Sachets

Make reusable lavender sachets easy and quickly, using scrap fabric and yarn.

Items Needed:
-Scraps of fabric
-Scraps of yarn or other string/ribbon
-Sewing Needle and thread
-measuring tape, or ruler

How to make them:

1. Cut a piece of fabric in a rectangle shape.  We cut our pieces about 9 x 4 inches.  Fold the ends in about 1/2 inch or less and pin them in place, wrong sides together.

You can iron you material if you prefer.

2. Sew a seam at each end by hand or machine, and remove pins.

3. Fold material in half, right sides together.  Hand or machine sew the sides.  

Turn it inside out.

4. Fill with lavender buds and tie yarn around the top of the bag.

These are nice for drawers, closets etc.  If you prefer, you can tie these with food grade string, and use them for bathtub teabags as well.  Simply empty and refill, reusing the homemade bag.  These are also great to replace moth balls if you use them.

Tips:  Make several bags up in the winter or your "slow" time of year, and have them ready for gift giving at any time.  These unfilled bags can be used for reusable gift bags for very small items as well.

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