Monday, May 30, 2022

How to Make Embellished Bottle Cap Earrings

Items needed:
-washed and dried bottle caps with a design (you can also paint your bottle caps.

-small flat back rhinestones
-E6000 glue
-small jewelry jump rings
-eye pins (for jewelry making
-fish hook earrings
-scrap beads
-jewelry tools (round end tool, pliers, cutters)
-punch tool

Step 1:
First, if you are adding the flat back rhinestones, glue those on first and allow it to dry.

Using punch tool, punch a very tiny hole into the top edge of the bottle cap.  You can also do this using a nail and hammer and safe work surface.

Step two:

Prepare the fish hooks, but adding your jump rings.

Step three:  

Going from back of bottle cap insert the eye pin thru the bottle cap, add a bead if desired, then the jump ring attached to the fish hook.  Using cutters, cut off some of the pin, and using your jewelry tool with rounded ends, bend the pin back into and under the edge of the bottle cap.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Bottle Cap Canning Lid Christmas Tree Ornament


Items Needed:

-Bottle Cap with design (typically found on some beer bottles)

We found these snowflake pattern bottle caps. If you don't have anything like these caps, you can also paint bottle caps, and spray with a gloss or matte clear coat.

(before starting see the optional tip at the very bottom of this post)

-used canning lid (not the rim, just the lid)

-scrap fabric (design and color your choice)

If needed, iron your scrap fabric.  I purchased a travel iron and travel ironing pad.  It works great for craft projects as well as taking on travel trips.

-decoupage and brush

-mini white tree garland (or trim of your choice) or any decorative trim

-scrap string or ribbon (for hanger)

-small plastic crafting rhinestones, clear

-glue gun and glue, or E6000 glue

-fabric scissors

-jewelry tweezers to add the flat back rhinestones easier

-pen to trace lid on fabric

Step one:

Cut scrap ribbon/string and glue to backside of canning lid and allow to dry.

Step two:

Trace the canning lid onto the back side of scrap fabric and cut out.  Brush decoupage to the top of the canning lid and press the cut fabric onto it.  Smooth out if needed and allow to dry.

Step three: 

Glue trim or garland around the edge of the canning lid.  Glue the bottle cap to the center of the lid and allow to dry.

See "optional" below

Step four:

Glue a clear crafting rhinestone if preferred.

Optional:  Glue trim on backside of bottle cap, or after gluing the cap onto the fabric, glue beaded string or other trim around the bottle cap.

Tips:  Add a tiny bow or other accents, sign and date the back using a permanent marker.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to Make a Wine Cork Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

Items needed:

white, black and orange acrylic paint 

paint brush, one thick to paint cork and one thin for other painting

chenille stems - red, green or blue

mini pom poms - red, green or blue

craft glue

eye screws, size #216 - 1/2 inch

small black buttons or thumb tacks (see note below)


scrap string or ribbon for hanger

1. Paint the wine corks with white paint.  Allow to completely dry.  I used matte and needed two coats.

2. Twist an eye screw into the top center of each wine cork.  This is optional, but it's a much more sturdy hanger than trying to add one to the pipe cleaner.

3. Cut a piece of chenille stem, approximately 2 inches using scissors.  Bend and glue as you see in the above photo.  Allow to dry.

4. Glue a mini pom pom to each side. Allow to dry.

5. Using thin paint brush and orange and black paint, paint eyes, carrot nose and dots for mouth of the snowman.  Allow to dry.  Or add this step after you have other parts assembled as I have below.  I found it easier to paint the face of the snowman last.

6. Cut a piece of scrap ribbon and wrap around center of wine cork and glue on using craft glue.

7. Glue a small black button underneath ribbon.  Allow to dry.  I used painted thumb tacks, but you can also buy black thumb tacks to make this step easier.

8. Using orange paint and a fine tip paint brush, paint on a carrot in the center between the ribbon and top of cork.  Using black glossy paint paint dots for eyes and mouth.  Allow to dry.

Note:  I found using paint, while making these, a bit tricky and needs a very steady hand.  It may be easier to dot on the black with a permanent black marker, and for the mouth as well (or cut carrot shapes from orange duct tape or electrical tape and attach).

9. Tie a hanger onto eye screw using scrap twine, string, or ribbon.

Note:  If you do not have small black buttons to re-purpose you can slightly push thumb tacks into scrap cardboard, and paint them black.  New buttons are typically expensive to buy.

If you cannot find black thumb tacks, simply paint them black.  You may be able to find thumb tacks for $1.00 at the local Dollar General or Dollar Tree.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

How to Make a Small Beaded Sun Catcher ~ Doubles as a Small Christmas Ornament


Items Needed:

Misc. beads - for the best sun catcher beads, use faceted and iridescent beads (crystal ones work the best)

2 inch jewelry head pins, these come in different colors and styles (some with fancy heads on the pins)

jewelry pliers, and round nose pliers

1. Using a large re-purposed jar lid, place beads of your choice inside the upside down lid (or other bead holder of your choice).

2. Slide the beads onto the pin, using pliers if needed for the smaller beads. Leave enough pin space at the top to be able to bend into a loop.

3. Using the round tip pliers, bend the top of the pin to form a loop.  You can also hold this up to the sun to check what beads are catching the sun, before you bend your loop on top.  Rearrange beads if needed.

I apologize for my door frame. It is needing a good paint job this spring, but you can see the beads catching the sunshine.

That's it!  These are cute and work up very quickly and easily.  They make wonderful sun catchers and are perfect to gift for a Christmas ornament or tag onto a gift. 

Note:  Purchase inexpensive metal Christmas ornament hangers when they go on clearance.  Attach one to the top of the sun catcher / Christmas ornament.

You can of course, purchase beads as well.  You could also use longer wire, bending both ends, using larger beads for a larger sun catcher as well.

Friday, February 12, 2021

How to Make a Photo Clothespin Hanging Photo Board (doubles as a teabag gift)

Items needed:

Scrap wood, approximately 3 x 5 inches

Thin Twine (often found at the dollar store)


E6000 craft glue

Scrap fabric, wall paper or cardstock (optional)

Mini wooden spring clothespins, approx. 2 inches

Scrap raffia

Printer paper, printer

One tea bag (still in the sealed package) See Notes Below.

1. Using scissors cut a piece of twine about 7 1/2 inches long.

2. Turn scrap wood backside up, and glue ends of twine to each top side as shown. 

3. Cut a piece of cardstock, scrap wall paper or fabric to fit your piece of scrap wood and glue to the back.  Allow to dry.

4.  Using your 2 inch spring clothespin and glue, glue the clothespin in the top center of the scrap wood.  Using a piece of raffia, make a bow, trim ends and glue it to the the clothespin.  Allow to dry.


5. Using your printer, print a tea quote (or other quote) and cut paper to a slightly smaller size than your scrap wood.  The quote should be at the bottom of your paper as shown.

6. Assemble your items by placing your printed paper under a teabag and clip to the board.  

Gift doubles as a teabag gift, and the person receiving it can reuse it for a photo hanger, a to-do list or favorite quote.

Note:  You can decorate the clothespin with any scrap materials, paint it or leave it as is.

Note:  If you are using scrap plywood, you can cover the front of it by painting, gluing scrap fabric or use decoupage to cover it with scrap wall paper or decorative paper.

Note:  You could also attach an individual serving packet for coffee and a coffee quote (or anything the same size).

Sunday, February 7, 2021

How to Make a Kitchen Knob/Handle Recipe Holder

(Use a hook magnet for easy storing while no tin use)

Items Needed:

Wooden spring clothespin

Wooden (flat) non-spring clothespin (see photos)

#216 - 1/2 in. eye screws

Pliers may help with eye screws

Scrap wall paper


Paint brush



Shower curtain hook (see photo)


Baking twine (may need a needle to thread into button)

Craft glue (I used E6000)

1 1/4 in cup hooks for version 2

Hand held non-electric drill (found at most craft stores and online as well.

1. Using a pencil, trace the flat side of the spring clothespin onto the back of the scrap wall paper and cut out using scissors.

2. Using paint brush, brush on a layer of decoupage to one flat side of spring clothespin and allow to dry.

3. Using hand drill start a hole at the top of the non-spring clothespin.  Using pliers to hold small eye screw, screw it into the top of the clothespin.

4. Open shower curtain hook and attach thru eye screw hole.

5. Place craft glue on backside of spring clothespin and glue to flat clothespin as shown, leaving some space at the top.


6. Thread baking twine into button and tie and knot.  Glue to top of flat clothespin

Optional:  Glue a magnet to the back for storing on the refrigerator or stove hook when not in use.

Version #2

Start a hole at top of flat clothespin using hand drill and screw in a 1 1/4 inch cup hook.  These work on cupboards with handles vs. knobs. Use same instructions from above.  You will want to pre-drill for this cup hook.

Version #3

Simply follow instructions in the previous post for fridge magnets and add thread baking twine through the spring and knot.  Hang on your door knob.

Version #4

Using hardware sheers, but the plastic hook from a store hanger and glue to the back of the spring clothespin.  It's not pretty, but an idea no less.

Note:  The small eye screws are typically not sold in big box stores like Wal-mart.  You'll find them at the hardware stores.  The shower curtain hooks, clothespins, buttons and possibly buttons are typically available at local dollar stores.  Thrift stores often have some of these items as well.


Friday, February 5, 2021

How to Make Clothespin Refrigerator Magnet

Items needed:

Scrap wall paper (or other crafting paper)




Paint brush


Thin twine (often called baking twine)

Wooden spring clothespins

Craft glue

Magnets for crafting

1. Trace the wooden clothespin on the backside of the scrap wall paper you are using, and cut and trim to fit one flat side of the clothespin.

2. Using paint brush, place a layer of decoupage onto one side of clothespin and place cut paper over and allow to dry.

3. Cut a small piece of twine, thread through the button holes and tie and knot.  Trim off ends.  I was able to feed the twine thru all of my buttons, as they were on the larger size.  You could also use a needle that fits the hole to feed it through, or use thread or quilting thread as well.

4. Using crafting glue, glue a matching button the top of the clothespin.

5. Using crafting glue, glue a magnet to the opposite side of the clothespin and allow to dry.

That's it!  You are done!  These area great to sell at craft shows, gift someone with a new home, random act of kindness or a tuck in for another gift.

Note:  The twine, clothespins, craft glue and paint brushes can often be found at local dollar stores.