Thursday, November 16, 2017

Recycled Cardboard Cone Christmas Trees

Make these fun, mini Christmas trees for pennies.  Shop for metallic garland at your local dollar stores.  Here's how to make them.

Items needed: 

-garland of your choice
-crafting glue
-recycled cardboard cones

Tip:  Cardboard cones typically are at the end of yarn, when purchased on a "cone."  If you know someone who crochets or knits, have them save you these.

1.  On a safe work surface, apply glue around the bottom of the cardboard cone.  Wrap the garland around and allow to dry just a bit before proceeding.

2.  Apply more glue and continue to wrap the cone to the top.  Cut the garland with scissors, add a dap of glue to the top and press down.  Allow to completely dry.

Tip:  Add a recycled item to the top for a "star" such as a large button, wooden painted item, metal star, or whatever you have. 

These make very inexpensive Christmas decorations, and kids can make them with adult supervision.

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