Friday, September 15, 2017

Starbucks Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornament

Ornament inspired by my girls. . .

Items Needed:

-wine corks- one for each ornament (plastic ones work great for this craft)
-felt - red, green, white
-chenille stems - green, or small/thin coffee stir straws
-crafting fiberfill (or cotton balls) 
-optional - small eye screws for hanger (we used silver, about 1 1/2 cm long, and thread, or any scrap string, ribbon etc.
-craft glue
rubber bands (see tip notes)

- screw a small eye screw into the top of the cork for hanger.  This will be hidden inside the fiberfill or cotton ball.  This is a good time to tie on thread (or ribbon, string etc.) or the hanger as well.  If preferred, add a dab of glue to end of eye screw as you screw it into the cork for extra hold, and allow to dry. 

I used a eye screw 1 1/2 cm long, but if you prefer, you can located smaller ones at craft stores like the ones below:

 These smaller ones however, may require needle nose or other pliers to assist in screwing into the wine cork tops.  They are much smaller than the ones we used, and hand screwed into the corks.

We used pre-made ribbon hangers we purchased during "after Christmas sales" and paid only $.50 for a package of them.

By adding the hanger thread/ribbon at this point, you can easily hang your ornament to dry while working on it.

Step one:

Take a small bit of fiberfill (or cotton ball) and glue it to the top of the cork, (around the eye screw if you used one), allow to dry.  Trim with scissors if needed.

Step two:

Measure and cut enough red felt to cover outside of cork as shown.  Use crafting glue to adhere, and allow to dry.  All corks can vary in width and height, so I didn't post exact measurements here. Our first cork measured a piece about 3 1/4 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide.  

Tip:  Depending on the type of glue used, you may need to hold the felt down to dry, by using rubber bands or twist ties.

Step three:  
Cut a thin piece of white felt to glue around very top of cork, overlaying the red as shown.  Width is up to you.  It doesn't have to be a specific size to look cute.

Cut a 2 cm piece of coffee stir straw, add a dab of glue at one end, and push down into the fiberfill.  Allow to dry before preceding (or do this step last).  You can also use a small piece of green chenille stem for a straw.  We found coffee stir straws in red and white that were fairly inexpensive (found where coffee is sold in stores).  A green stir straw (sip straw), typically found for mixed drink, would also look very nice.

Step four:
Cut a small circle, as shown, from green felt and cut two small, curvy pieces of white felt, as shown. Craft tweezers may be needed to easily glue these.  Glue white pieces to the green circle and allow to dry before gluing it to the red felt as shown above.  Allow to dry. 

Gifting Ideas:

~gift as is(as an ornament)
~attach to a gift and add a gift tag
~tuck into a gift that contains recipients favorite coffee and coffee accessories.
~attach it to a coffee house gift card

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